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Does Equality Exist is Thailand?

            King Chulalongkorn, one of the greatest king of Siam, was best-known for his royal contribution to Thai society that was Slave Abolition Act. It was the first time Thai people experienced equality and freedom. The king also attempted to encourage equality in Thailand with school uniforms. Students from different social classes wore the same kind of clothes and studied together in order to decrease diversity between them. In his reign, the country gained a large deal of Western ideas. Primary education was provided to women as a symbol of gender equality. Political administration was divided into ministries to denote balance and stability in politics. Thai people have been told, for a long time, to believe that equality actually exists in their democratic country. However, they are deceived by the society to misinterpret the true meaning of what equality is. In reality, equality has never existed in Thailand.
             "In the provision of education, all individuals shall have equal rights and opportunities to receive basic education provided by the State for the duration of at least twelve years. Such education, provided on a nationwide basis, shall be of quality and free of charge." This is a Thailand's policy for equal opportunities in education that is stated in the 1999 Thai National Education Act. However Thai people have been taught that everyone is equal, social class system really exists. It is a truth universally acknowledged that money provides opportunities to people. Money is an essential factor of people's life. Thailand's inequality is high, compared with other Asian economies. It is caused by the huge income gap between those few capitalists with high-paid careers in the laissez-faire economy and the poor majority with low-productivity agricultures and low-paid works. To illustrate, there are merely ten executives in Thailand whose wealth is ranked in The World's Billionaires of 2015, revealed by Forbes.

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