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Muslims - Accepting Cultural Differences

            Understanding the basics of Islam has become essential for Americans. There are nearly five million Muslims living in America, and many of them face persecution as a result of our country's present state of affairs - belittled and feared in their own US neighborhoods.
             Being a Muslim isn't something that an individual does on his/her own, but is a community identity and shared responsibility. Practicing true Islam is a way of life, requiring a complete surrender to the religious community. For many Americans who are raised with the concept of a separation of church and state, Islam can seem confusing, especially since Islam does not have a "church" to preserve and promote its beliefs. .
             As in all major religions, there is a great diversity among Muslims. Because America is predominantly Judeo-Christian, it is sometimes easier and more acceptable for Christians and Jews to practice their faith. For example, American schools don't recognize the Muslim holidays and allowing Muslims to practice simple routines, such as attending Friday congregational prayer or taking a break to perform the Salat, are unacceptable inconveniences to the majority of Americans. But the truth remains that regardless of how the world views those who practice Islam, the Muslim culture is spreading - quickly - with millions of new converts every year. Islam is planting deep roots in more countries, extending it's reach into Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States.
             Accepting Cultural Differences in Muslims.
             Since the tragedy of 9-11 a portion of American citizens are under the beliefs that all Muslims are terrorists. There are extremists in every religion but it appears that it is the Muslim faith that is categorized as the terrorist religion. Muslim stereotypes are perpetuated in every form of the media accompanied by gross misinformation about Islam and Muslims.

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