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Effect of Religion on Cultures of the World

            Effect of Religion on the Cultures of the World.
             Religion can define culture, in that, it can affect a culture in many ways. Religion defines the values, the beliefs, the ideas, the heritage and the lifestyle of a people; all of which are components of culture. It is clear that a large part of cultural practice across the world is manifest through forms and exchange of ideas concurrent with religion. Each of the religions of the world has its own culture with many beautiful, refined qualities. Each religious culture naturally embodies the beliefs of that religion as followers live out their convictions and goals at all levels of life.
             Islam is among the newest of religions, and arose from the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Muslims may be Arabs, Turks, Persians, Indians, Pakistanis, Malaysians, Indonesians, Europeans, Africans, Americans, Chinese, or other nationalities. Muslims believe that Islam is a total and a complete way of life. It encompasses all aspects of life and culture. Islamic religion influences politics, attire, celebrations, customs, diets, places of worship, and other aspects of life. As a matter of fact, state and religion are under the obedience of Allah through the teachings of Islam. Educational and political systems are also of the teachings of Islam. Islam allows Muslims to eat everything that is good for the health; having influence on the food Muslims eat. It restricts certain items such as pork and its by-products, alcohol and any narcotic or addictive drugs. Muslims have established academic institutions, community centers and organizations, schools and places of worship all over the world. They live in peace and harmony among themselves and among other groups of people in the society. The rate of crime among Muslims is very minimal. Throughout the Muslim world, churches, synagogues and missionary schools were built within the Muslim neighborhoods. Muslims protect these places even during the contemporary crises in the Middle East.

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