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Children, Culture and Development

            The things that make up a person's culture are their beliefs, religion, clothing, diet, education, nationality, family system, attitude, values, and social class. A child's culture is also determined at a young age by the views of their parental figures. In some cultures, independence is highly valued and toddlers, while in other cultures interdependence if more of the custom. In some cultures, co-sleeping is frowned upon, whereas in others it is highly recommended. .
             Cultural influence effect infant and toddler development in many ways such as how they express emotion, how dependent or independent they are, and the languages they speak and learn. In some cultures parents express their love for their child in a loud and outspoken way, where in others a parent quietly ensure their child of the love they have for them. Both outspoken and quiet jesters of love are acceptable, but they will shape the way the child learns to express those types of emotions and feelings. In some cultures such as American cultures, parents want their child to express their frustration in any way they feel the need because it forms a sense of independence. In many cultures such as Asian cultures, parents frown upon the expression of frustration and anger so those children will learn to deal with frustration in a different manner. .
             In my personal opinion, I believe that nurture is stronger than nature. If an American child is born and raised in Africa with a home life focused on African values and culture than they will have values commonly seen in African cultures rather than those seen in American cultures. I also believe that if a child is born and raised in America but have a home life consistent in the values of a different culture they will then have whichever values those were. If an Asian Indian child is born in America and raised with American culture, they will not show the typical values of the Indian culture.

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