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Literacy and Theories of Cognitive Development

            Theory of Cognitive Development was a theory developed by psychologist Jean Piaget. He created the theory based on his research on children's cognitive development. "Piaget created the Theory of Cognitive Development, which described the way in which the quality of children's thinking changes over time" (Penn, 2008 pg. 91). This is important because it was one of the first research methods that really took a look into epistemology. It also led to researchers examining the mental development of children's cognitive skills, such as reading and writing. Maturation Theory is based on the idea that reading instruction should not formally begin until a child reached the age of six. For many years, this was the dominant theory when one looks at the research of child's literacy and mental development. It is important because it places a strong emphasis on reading during early childhood. Today, this theory is seen as outdated based on the new advances in research in children's cognitive development. .
             Don Holdaway designed theory of Literacy Development in 1979. His theory would become a major advancement in literacy development and is still relevant to the research community. The theory has three major components that cover a wide number of literacy angles that are factors in developmental learning. "The Theory of Literacy Development can be described as having three dimensions: Explanation of the developmental nature of literacy learning, explanation of the four processes Holdaway viewed as central to literacy learning and explanation of a method of teaching designed to promote developmental literacy learning."(Tracy & Morrow, 2012, pg. 95) The theory is important because it talks about the need to reinforce children's reading skills to encourage them to get better. By encouraging them to read with incentive, children become better readers and gain more confidence over time.

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