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The Effect of Cultural Differences on International Business

             "Culture consists of patterns, explicit, and implicit, of and for behavior acquired and transmitted by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievement of human groups, including their embodiments in artifacts- (Belkaoli 29). These different "groups- of people have different patterns of behavior. Some differences are minor, however, some differences have a major impact on the daily operations of a country. Or, perhaps, an aspect of a business attempting to do international business may not tailor to some part of the culture of the host country. For example, in the 1960's General Motor Corporations dealer Chevrolet attempted to sell a mass production sport car model, which they called the "Nova-. Now, In America, the connection can probably be made that the company was attempting to draw the moniker form the event of a supernova, an apocalyptic event in which the life of a star ends, and the star sends a great amount of energy into interstellar space. However, in naming the car as they did, Chevrolet Corporation did not take into account the literal translation, in Spanish, of the phrase "No va-, which translates into "does not go-(Robinson 38). Needless to say, the Nova's automobile sales, while a very good market buy, suffered in countries in which the primary or secondary language is Spanish. This paper will focus on determining the effects of modern-day (1960-present) cultural relativism in Eurasia, as opposed to America, on business management and protocol. The term "cultural relativism- refers to the need to judge any behavior in terms of its own cultural context. Applied to business, cultural relativism rests on the fundamental assumption that business concepts in any given country are just as unique as any other traits.
             Any business is greatly influenced by the local and physical environment in which it resides. If Businesses did not cater to the needs and wants of its particular environment, it would most likely fail.

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