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Diversity in the World Today

             Diversity is the differences that exist between factors around the world, and in modern times trying to find evidence of diversity can be difficult. As globalization spreads throughout nations across the globe, our world today is losing its diversity. Economies are straying from traditional concepts, political factors are invading and cultures are being infected. Blind eyes can only view the argument that a global civilization is not emerging; the search for something different is not as easy as crossing an ocean anymore.
             Economies around the world are less diverse because of the necessity of international trade and the impact of globalization. International trade has existed between civilizations for centuries, but the effects of a globalized market have led to a devastating effect on the diversity of nations in the modern world. Free trade has opened opportunities for large companies to settle down in developing nations, exploiting the peoples and giving no options but to work for them. National companies can no longer survive, and the international settlers begin to market products within developing nations and forcing Americanization on its peoples. The economy is no longer based on nationally owned business, but rather the large corporations that move in and begin production within poor nations. Therefore due to the agreements of international trade, economies of nations around the world have become based on western corporations, thereby making the countries less diverse. .
             Political factors have a rather large impact on the diversity of nations in the world today. The government has the power to preserve cultural and economic diversity within a nation, but it appears as though politics are only focussed on the success of the western world and the aim at copying every step taken in order to make a dent in the global community. However this approach of globalization does not prove to be as effective for developing nations as it is for western civilization.

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