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Students and Diversity

            Diversity is already an issue in this world, and it's a bigger issue in schools today. It all starts from the age of five to the age of eighteen. Students spend countless hours in school, by time rolls around it's too late for students to notice that their lives have been surrounded by diversity. It's important for the student to understand the importance of diversity; therefore they should have a broader mentality, which they will carry out through their adolescence. Diversity should be recognized from and the differences in cultures, religions, and decisions that way everyone, especially students can accept them for where each individual comes from. .
             Diversity comes in many forms especially when it comes to ethnicity, race, and culture. On a daily basis thousands of people are being judged by just being who they are. Of the forty-seven Lee County public schools studied, only seven or one-sixth of the total number were slightly imbalanced, and no schools were racially isolated with student bodies in which 80 percent or more of the students were members of a single racial group. (Willie 44). Many cultures from around the world feel free to show who they are and where they come from, because they want the world to know that it's not just them, but as well about other ethnic groups that are out there. Diversity should be used and celebrated everyday. Kollar noted that the world should accept the diversity of religions in the nation and world, to learn and have empathy for those religious people. (Kollar 184). As most people are born and raised in America, ethnicity might not be considered as much in other countries. Traveling outside of the United States it's noticed that diversity in other countries is a factor in their daily lives. Through a persons identity it creates a community of diversity. Those who understand the true meaning of diversity are the ones who are open minded and, are willing to respect the differences in today's society and the judgment people receive from each other daily.

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