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             According to Webster's New Ninth Collegiate Dictionary, diversity means the condition of being different. In my young eighteen years I have been in many conditions or situations where I was different. The conditions at my elementary, middle, and high school has made me the well-rounded individual that I am today.
             For instance the neighborhood that I grew up in everybody looked like me. However, when I entered second grade at Hartford Avenue Elementary my environment became diverse. I learned many new things from my new environment and my friends as well. I learned that I had to work harder to prove who I was as an individual otherwise, I would have get lost in the counselor's office. The diverse environment at Hartford made me realize that people are different and it didn't matter what color our skins were we all played together and had fun.
             When I entered Samuel Morse Middle School as a gifted and talented student, I realized that sometimes diversity could be a student's worst nightmare. The environment was so diverse and competitive I find myself being looked at differently by my peers and teachers. There were times when teachers did not expect me to know certain things they called upon me to answers very simple questions, while my classmates were challenged with thought provoking questions. Luckily for me, I always pay attention to see if the other student knew the answers. At my middle school diversity meant many things, for instance "fighting" to be good as others or fighting to prove to others that you actually belong in a gifted and talented environment. Diversity can make you really question your ability to be successful or your ability to "hang tough". I truly believe that the diverse environment at my middle school made me the confident and levelheaded person that I am.
             Finally what was really different is when I chose to attend a predominately black high school. I could have chosen a different path, but I chose to take the one least traveled by my middle school friends.

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