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             Many of today's companies must deal with the increasing role of diversity in the workplace. They must link diversity into their performance so that productivity, workforce, working environment, and overall all profits are increased. Basically companies must integrate diversity to achieve maximum results.
             One aspect of diversity is the salesperson to customer relationship. New ideas about how one must deal with consumers are being delivered. How can we establish a connection with the customer? What is this particular customer looking to gain? How can we instruct our employees to intensify a relationship with a customer? These are vital questions that must be addressed in today's economy.
             Companies must also become diversified to bridge the gap between cultures in order to gain more positive results. Not only through different cultures but between the sexes should also be addressed. Women must be implemented more in everyday operations and they must me appointed higher positions. In regards to cultural diversity, companies are now hiring a more diverse workforce in order to gain an advantage over other companies.
             The basic idea is that all people disserve a place in today's workforce. The benefits of a more diverse company shows that companies can better relationships within the working environment and between consumers. Diversity is a major issue in today's world and companies are now dealing with it in imaginative ways. Whether they are using outside help to integrate diversity or changing themselves, companies are becoming more prepared for more successful business activities. .

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