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Diversity Training

             The purpose of this paper is to explore the human differences know as diversity in relation to today's workforce. Diversity training is beneficial to every organization no matter how large or small. Harmonious diversity in the workplace is achieved by promoting and creating a more inclusive work environment that is leveraged and maximizes said diversity. The leverage and harmony of diversity is almost impossible to achieve without effect ive training. Diversity training aids in understanding how the human differences can effect or influence relationships in the workplace between peers, subordinates, supervisors and even customers.
             The modern workforce is made up of many people who are of different races, genders, sexuality, culture, and ages leading to a vast diversity. Many companies have recognized this fact and are beginning to pay close attention to the need for diversity training as a number one priority. In diversity training, employees are educated on how to deal with people who have different traits than themselves. They also gain skills necessary to deal with and function in a diverse world.
             Diversity Training 3.
             Diversity Training in the Workforce.
             Diversity in the workforce has been growing steadily over the years. Prior to the 1970's, there was a very different profile in the workforce, in both demographics and attitudes. It was more harmonious, with a large majority in a few visible minorities. The individuals who were "different" were either assimilated into the workforce, isolated from the majority of workers or ignored. The average member of the workforce from past was male, white, approximately twenty-nine years old and had fewer than two years of higher education. These men were usually married to homemakers and generally worked in the region of their birth.

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