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Diversity Training and Development

             This essay will examine previous circumstances involving diversity training. In today's civilization diversity still exist in some appearance or another. Research has proven that (workplaces and colleges still need improvements with diversity training in the United States) diversity training in the workplace and colleges has a history in the United States. Recent studies have been reviewed to illustrate that diversity training is obviously something that is needed in the workplace. The findings that will be discussed are diversity training as a whole, as well as, campuses versus workplace, and mandatory versus voluntary. Also, the studies provided will show improvements in regards to this dilemma. This paper discusses gaps in the text and provides suggestions for future research on diversity training.
             Diversity Training.
             As diversity increases among citizens and employees, human resource practitioners in the community segment have come to sight diversity management strategies as important for the helpful presentation of organizations. Best performances among private and public organizations reveal common mechanism required for successful diversity initiatives. Consequently, diversity is something that should be talked about in many areas. There have been various studies on diversity management in the federal government; much less is recognized at the state and local level. Diversity management should be approached as an integrated and uninterrupted process, formatted to the desires of the association as variations in capacity and resources exist. The requirement to amplify knowledge between state and local organizations on top practices in diversity management remains unspoken.
             Diversity Definitions.
             According to Wyatt-Nichol and Antwi-Boasiako (2012) celebrating diversity means to welcome and value character differences. The Society for Human Resource Management makes every effort to be the leader in encouraging diversity in the workplace.

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