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Diversity management

             Why should diversity be important to our company? All you need to do is just take a look at the last census figures to know that this country is not only remarkably diverse right now but in ten years we'll even be more remarkably so.
             The focus of this presentation is there is more to people than what can be seen and we are more similar than different in things that really count. We should not stereotype people. Afford them the same consideration that you give yourself.
             As a company, we cannot accomplish our mission without the creative energies of all our people who bring with them different approaches, solutions and innovations. Understanding and recognizing diversity enables us to capitalize on the differing views and contributions that each of our employees bring to the workforce.
             When the workplace "values the differences in people,"" the benefits are:.
             a. Increased productivity.
             b. Sharing of ideas/teaming.
             c. More cooperation within the organization.
             d. Low leave usage.
             e. A pleasant working environment.
             f. Loyal employees.
             Objectives: .
             The objectives of the Diversity Management Program are to raise participant awareness, build skills, and afford opportunities for practice in the following areas:.
             Effective interpersonal communication in a diverse setting.
             Understanding and valuing diversity.
             Facilitation within diverse groups.
             Facilitation between diverse groups; and.
             Advanced training in designing diversity interventions for organizations.
             Roles and Responsibilities.
             Individual Responsibility:.
             The company aims to create an environment where all employees can achieve their potential. However each individual must accept that they have a responsibility to achieve this goal.
             Employees are encouraged to be involved in equity and diversity initiatives, regardless of their work area, classification, background, qualifications, skills or other characteristics. Further it is essential that they:.

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