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Gender, Diversity and US Public Sector Management

            Public sector management is crucial for the growth and development of any country. The public sector is made up of organizations that the government uses to provide services to the public. Such include security services, health organizations and education. The management of the public sector is responsible for strategic planning and utilization of resources to maximize on the services delivered. It is important that this sector is effectively managed to avoid complaints and dissatisfaction that the government may face from the public. There are various issues facing the management of the public sector that need to be analyzed and solutions found to enhance service delivery. These factors are usually shaped by the general corporate atmosphere in the private and public sectors and the adoption of new management strategies. Gender and diversity are among the pressing issues facing the management of the public sector. For several decades, these factors have been a source of heated debates in regard to the management of the public sector especially in the US. This paper reviews their evolution and the impacts they have had in the 21st century.
             Management has been an important aspect of the corporate world for a long time. There were various duties and tasks in an organization that needed to be addressed. It was the responsibility of the senior management in an organization to ensure that available resources are fully utilized to achieve the set objectives in the organization (OECD, 2001). Management has undergone tremendous changes and is still being improved to suit the needs of the dynamic corporate world. Since the early civilizations, managers have been at the center stage of the corporate world. They identified goals and objectives for the firm and embraced an environment that was conducive to the realization of these goals. Among the important resources that managers had to deal with is the human capital.

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