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Diversity In The Workplace

             "Special Issue Introduction: Defining the Domain of Workplace Diversity Scholarship," by Alison M. There were six articles in this special issue of Group & Organization Management Magazine, each article explores and contributes to the workplace diversity literature. After reading all six articles I selected two, in my opinion, the two most useful and informative articles for managing diverse organizations. For this assignment I selected "Accomplishment and Limitations of the Business Case for Diversity" and "Diversity Training Practices" These articles based on "Workforce 2000: Work and worker in the 21st Century" (Johnston & Packer, 1987). The first article I've selected provides useful information about U.S. labor force and the movement toward a global marketplace in the 21st Century, which will require a more diverse workforce in order to be competitive. The new diverse workforce would require changes in the way organizations attract and manage talented employees from all demographic categories. Organization's Human Resources Management had to be retrained in attracting and recruiting talented, innovative,.
             and creative quality workers from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, if they want to be competitive in the future. That argument formed the basis for making the business case for workplace diversity, which was elaborated upon in more details by subsequent authors, such as (Cox & Blake, 1991; Robinson & Dechant, 1997). .
             The "Workforce 2000" case study made the business case for diversity in the workplace on the basis of three basic principles that I summarized below. First, in order to be competitive in a global marketplace, businesses must attract, recruit, and retain quality talents from all demographic categories as the traditional White male dominance in the workplace shrink. Second, the advantage of recruiting and obtaining a diversified workforce opens the door for organizations to gain a much more diversified customer base in various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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