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Diversity in the Workplace

            Generally, people will relate or define diversity as all characteristics that will differ one from another. This is very important concept especially now in the 21st century when people from different geographical and cultural origins interact. However, independently of what circumstances diversity is referred as, many fail to understand that diversity encompasses everyone at any level not just the minority. Consequently, many successful multinational organizations aim to encourage and develop diversity in the workplace for the benefit of both the company and employees.
             Kaiser Permanente - Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser Permanente, 2015) is a community inclusive company that provides affordable healthcare plans. They have been in this industry for over 60 years and always kept their will to provide the excellent service. .
             On the DiversityInc top 50 companies for diversity, Kaiser Permanente lands on the 2nd place, being the top 10 for past seven years. According to DiversityInc (DiversityInc, 2015), the healthcare company deserves to be at the top of the chart since they make it a priority in their business strategy and aim to implementing a diverse workplace customs.
             There are many criteria that DiversityInc uses to rank the companies on this list one of them being Leadership commitment. For instance, DiversityInc states that (DiversityInc, 2015) the chairman/CEO of the company Bernard Tyson provides a good diverse and inclusive environment at all levels within the organization that guarantees employees achieve their full potential. Through a good employee development program such as the MBA hall of fame. According to DiversityMBA Magazine (DiversityMBA, 2012), Kaiser Permanente was the first company to adhere to the MBA Hall of Fame program. This program awards companies on their efforts in diversity and inclusion in the workplace in its turn recognizes employee's commitment with diversity in the workplace.

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