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Kudler Fine Foods - Professional Development Plan

             Kudler Fine Foods has experienced significant growth and is currently focused on expanding services, improving the efficiency of its operations, and increasing the customer purchase cycle to boost the profitability and loyalty of its customer base (Virtual Organization Portal Apollo Group, 2013). Kathy Kudler has determined that with the rapid expansion of the company diversity training will be included as part of new hire orientation.
             Diversity training will benefit Kudler Fine Foods employees with understanding and celebrating individual's unique backgrounds, perspectives, values, and beliefs. Additionally, employees will gain a knowledge and understanding of what creates their cultural perspectives. Employees will learn the different communication styles between genders, the communication styles of diverse cultures, how to capitalize on the benefits of a diverse workforce and how to resolve conflicts (Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, n.d.). The objectives of the diversity training are (Diversity Training, April 4, 2011);.
             • To enhance knowledge of employees resulting in an appreciation for diversity and becoming familiar with workplace diversity.
             • Learn how diverse issues impact ones daily interaction in the workplace.
             • Generate open and honest communication by sharing information and active participation.
             • Identify personal goals.
             • Achieve an understanding of the benefits of a diverse workforce.
             • Maintain a commitment to progress and change by valuing individual differences.
             Diversity training will also contribute to the financial growth, by lowering costs through developing skills in-house, making it easier to retain good employees, and developing a corporate image and reputation that will draw the best employees (Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, n.d.). Team C has conducting extensive research regarding the benefits of diversity training for Kudler Fine Foods employees and the appropriate methods for delivering the training.

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