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             Diversity is an increasingly important factor in today's team as work groups become more diverse in terms of gender, nationality, and other personal characteristics of their members. Sometimes the effect of diversity seems positive, at the other times negative, and in other situation, there seems to be no effect at all.
             Gender is among the characteristics associated with diversity and is known to influence team behaviors. For example, most women are more comfortable than men with team-based evaluations and rewards. This may be partly due to reasons that most men's relationships tend to be defined by role and status, while women tend to value relationships based on communication and understanding. While diversity is associated with higher task performance, it has been known to increased conflict, communication difficulties, and turnover on teams. For instance, poor sharing of information was the main problem for women, while in the other hand; the main problem for men's was unclear or inappropriate expectations. Clearly, gender is just one of the many factors associated with team performance and effectiveness.
             Nationality affects a person in numerous interconnected ways, ranging from values, knowledge, and language.
             First, nationality affects one's values. For example, when the group is engaged in a creative task, diversity of values can be expected to be beneficial for group effectiveness. However, when the task is coordinative, involving elaborate interaction among group members, diversity of values will tend to result in negative related to group effectiveness. In such task situation, fluent and reliable coordination is required; debates or tensions over why or how the group is approaching the task-which will tend to occur when values vary. In addition, disparate values can create interpersonal stress and mistrust that become damaging when the group is faced with coordinative task.

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