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Social Diversity Experiment

             Confusion still remains behind the words social diversity. What is it really? Well, in Merriam-Webster's dictionary there is not a word for social diversity as a whole, but broken down to social and diversity. Social in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary means: tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others of ones own kind. Diversity in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary means: the condition of being diverse, variety. If these two words are but together they would then mean: people tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with a diverse or variety of people. Behind these words lie the basic underlying assumptions about how people get along with each other and how they are living up to there own expectations and the expectations of other people. .
             Thus, knowing what social diversity means I have done a social experiment that pertains to this issue. My social experiment has to do with the way people react to names. I work at a restaurant called Garfield's and at this restaurant as a server when greeting tables we must tell the table our name and write it backwards on the table so the customers can read it. My name is Tyger-Lynn not a name you hear too often so, for my experiment I used my own name for a name that is out of the norm, I also used the name Emily for the second part of my experiment for a name that was common or in the norm. When at Garfield's and greeting a table the first day I used the name Tyger-Lynn when writing on the tables, then the second day I used the name Emily and got reactions and opinions of my names for both days. I also wrote my reaction and feeling at the time when they reacted to my name.
             Before I did started my experiment I did some research on the meaning behind my own name, I found out what the top 50 baby names are, went in to a web site that will actually give you a new name if you do not like the one you have, and along with my research project got my own name added to the baby list on the web site babynames.

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