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Defining Successful Teaching

            Today's public schools are some of the most diverse schools in the nation. There are students from various neighborhoods, backgrounds and family lifestyle. Because of this diversity teachers will need to be able to function in classrooms that may differ from their lifestyle or background. In some cases this may be a problem for the novice teacher or a teacher who has been in a school that lack diversity. However, if a teacher is a good teacher or practices good teaching methods, it will not matter whether they are new or seasoned; they will be able to continue to teach well. Good teaching consists of strong classroom management, excellent teaching strategies, and being professionally responsible.
             Strong classroom management is paramount in the teaching profession. It is one of the most important aspects of teaching. A teacher who is strong at applying the principles of classroom management will have students who are excited about learning and students will actually learn more in this type of environment. Good classroom management facilitates an environment that is conducive to learning and student development. Classrooms that are not well managed and noisy are conducive to poor student achievement and behavioral problems. A good teacher in a classroom is operating with stated goals, structure, and discipline. The teacher sets the goals and standards in the classroom early on and the student abide by the rules. The teacher let the students know that it is their (student) responsibility to follow the agreed upon rules. The students are also told what the incentives are if the rules are followed and what the consequences are if the rules are not followed. When students are taught to be responsible, social and moral development is promoted. When classrooms are managed properly we will see a positive and safe classroom climate. In this type of climate students are able to be open and engaging in the classroom.

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