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How to Be Successful in Education

            People have their own unique way of studying, and it take them a long time to realize which way is the best for themselves. Since high school, I'd figured out how I can do my best and what I am studying for. Therefore, to be successful in education, a student must first define the reason why they have to study, how to do it in the right way, and find the happiness in studying.
             Firstly, in my opinion, a student must first know the reason why he or she should study. To me, I study because my parents want me to have a better education than they did and because I need to do something for my future. In three years from when I started making money and living on my own, I'd realized how much money means in this world and appreciate every penny I make. Consequently, I acknowledge that the only way for me to have a higher position in the society is education. Not only because education can turn my life to a new page, but also because how people criticize a person from how much education that person obtain. When I was young, I was really foolish and didn't want to study. I always hung out with friends and played games online without thinking about my future. One day, my father pointed at some garbage cleaners and asked me whether I wanted to do labor work like them or to become the boss of them. I suddenly stopped for a second and started thinking about it. Why do they end up with that job? Is there another way for them to escape from it? I then understood that it is all because of education. Without an education or a degree, a person cannot find a stable job to support their own life and pay back to their parents. Therefore, I've been trying as hard as I can work on it and at least make my parents proud of me one day.
             Similarly with the story The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, the boy Junior wants to improve his life by gaining enough education so that he could move on and have a better future.

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