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             Imagine! You are sweating, and your hands get slippery by the second as your hands closes in on the car door, thunder cracks, and lightening streaks across the sky, as you step out of your car, the earth shakes and trembles. The horrors of horror come and the word comes into your mind, SCHOOL!! (Or) EDUCATION!! But I don't think of school as this. I think school is a wonderful experience to enjoy and work at. I think I am very lucky to go to school and be able to learn the things I need too. So here I say, the most valuable part of my life is education.
             I know! Some might say school is no fun a with so much homework to do everyday (not me though). Or because of the boring textbooks that you read everyday. But I think it is fun and exciting to go to school. Like in science, when I got to make the structures out of the toothpicks and marshmallows on top of Jell-O showing how the buildings move during an earthquake. That was fun and I got to know more about earthquake. Or in English, when we got to give our book reports as speeches, I thought it was unique and fun. So school can be lot of fun while learning. .
             Education is our key to a successful and better life. If you get good or great scores in school, you"ll probably apply to some great college that would make you a doctor, a lawyer, or (what I want to be) a rocket scientist in N.A.S.A. If you get low scores, I don't know where you might land. Education brings us jobs because it gives us the skills and training to choose the work we wish to do. All of my loving family took great interest in education and now are professionally trained workers. Some of them are teachers, engineers, and most of them are doctors. One of my cousin who is working in India has been invited to come to work in New York because of her good work habits. She sees this as an opportunity to visit USA and learn more.
             Another reason that education is good for you is that you become smart enough to make correct choices about your health.

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