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The True Meaning of Education

            Would you be able to have a normal and a prosperous life without having an education? I think most people would not be able to have one without education. Education plays a critical and most important role in our lives. We must dedicate most of our time to education in order to have a stable and a better future. Education not only comes from the books and school teachers, but most importantly you gain knowledge and experience by socializing in life. I consider education to be the set of knowledge and skills required to survive in life.
             School plays the crucial role in education. School provides the most essential knowledge and skills elements. School not only teaches you basic things such as arithmetic, mathematics, history and other subjects, but it also prepares you to enter the more sophisticated life. In school you get to know more people; by socializing with other students you get more life experience and knowledge of what's going on around. In fact, pre-school would be the first to go through in education before the actual school. Far too many young people are struggling through school without having mastered the most essential and basic skills in reading. Results from the 2000 National Assessment for Educational Progress have indicated that over 85 percent of all fourth-graders in high-poverty schools scored below the proficient reading level. By breaking this chain of educational system you would not be able to advance. One must go through each step of education in life in order to succeed in academic life.
             Friends and family also play a significant role in education. Because education is not only the required knowledge of school and college subjects, friends and family too provide you with the knowledge and skills required to efficiently manage your life. I think it is important to have a group of close friends and relatives around you. You will always learn something new from them.

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