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The Power of Education

            Many believe that attending college has no true value. Some believe that anything that is learned in college can be taught elsewhere. People have attended college, got out in four years and felt as if nothing was gained from the experience. However, I feel as though, they are not looking at the bigger picture. I am one who believes that college enlightens us in many different ways. An academic education helps one with employment, builds discipline, as well as furthers a person's social skills.
             To begin with, one of the most important benefits from education is employment opportunities. Many people say that a college degree isn't necessary in order to get a successful career. However, it has been proven time and time again that one who holds a degree, on average will make more money than one who does not. Brook C. Holtom argues in College is Worth the Cost "people who graduate with bachelor's degrees will earn nearly twice as much over the course of their careers as those who complete only high school" (2). Otherwise meaning, those who earn their degree will have an easier transition into a higher paying job. This is one of the many ways an academic education benefits a person.
             Another one of the many advantages of attending college is being able to build self discipline. When put into a classroom setting, one is presented with rules and regulations. Much like a boss, a professor has requirements to be followed. Each professor expects something different out of their students, and it is the student's responsibility to meet all of the different criteria. The skill of time management is also learned in a classroom setting. Being able to get work done efficiently, and in a timely manner is a skill that will be utilized throughout one's entire life. When a student has self discipline, they often tend to be more organized. This also maintains ones focus. Tony Brummel states in Practical Experience Trumps Fancy Degrees "A do-or-die work ethic, passion, unwavering persistence, and vision mean more than anything that can be taught in a classroom" (2).

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