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The Future of Civic Engagement in Higher Education

            The missions and programs of higher education in the United States have been debated since their founding. Missions have collected from the training of ministers to developing education for citizens, to preparing a workforce for agriculture and the mechanical arts. Programs from the United States have been encouraged practical and liberal ideas as forces that worked jointly to educate community for participation in a democracy. Also, the success of democratic society was inseparably linked to education. Therefore, the question that I want to know after I read chapter 13 which is Secure the Future of Civic Engagement in Higher Education is should studying abroad is an important thing for higher education in the furture civic engagement? .
             In chapter 13, the book said that educating students is a fundamental value of higher education and essential for the future of America democracy and for the health of our global society. There are two sets of strategies which are campus based approaches to develop and sustain civic engagement and leadership beyond the campus to create a national climate that support and encourages campus efforts. In addition, the effective way to bring civic engagement from the margin to the center is to intentionally link it to institutional priorities, involves preparing students to understand their own identities, and to communicate with people who are different from themselves. Also, it is to build bridge across cultural differences to accomplish tasks, and grapple with issue of power and oppression. Studying abroad and global citizen are two main result that are becoming increasingly important on campus.
             According to the issue in the textbook said that the students don't need to go to study abroad because there are a lot of opportunities in civic engagement. For example, on campus, the majority of students who participate in service and other civic engagement are white, middle class, and female.

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