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The New Millennium of Education

             The endeavor herein, is to examine the issues surrounding why there is a lack of scientific literacy among America's students, as well as, how this lack of knowledge impacts on the science and technology workforce of tomorrow. At present, America is not the leading world power in scientific research, exploration, or advances in basic science. Federal, private, and public experts point out that some European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries now contend with, and often surpass America's contributions and accomplishments. This decline in our nation's prowess holds long term negative implications for its stability relative to jobs, commerce, and homeland security. Although, the future strength and quality of our country's intellectual, cultural, and economic life, could be adversely affected, very little is being done to correct the situation. .
             Public and government initiatives such as "21st Century Learning" and "STEM" respectively, provide a positive framework for change that could turn this trend around. Each of these plans call upon our nation's school districts, institutions of higher learning, corporate partners, and non-profit organizations to do their part, by reinvesting in our most valuable asset, our students. Such reinvestment would create learning environments that are unswerving in their pursuit of academic excellence, with teachers and administrators who are trained to provide the highest quality of instruction and service to all of their stakeholders. This in turn would ensure that each child in this country develops the skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed in the workforce of the new millennium. .
             People have always relied on new inventions and discoveries to make their lives more controllable. Cave dwellers were held captive by that force of nature which created fire for warmth, cooking, and protection from wild beasts. Until, a resourceful clan member made an empirical observation about friction, and the properties of wood.

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