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Poverty and Millennium Development

             This paper starts with the brief introduction on MDGs eight goals, but we will be focusing on goal 1 to clearly look at the effectiveness of the goals and how it changes the poverty structure in different countries. After taking a deep view, we will discuss the role of government and politics in relation to goal1 at this point we will be taking a more extensive perspective. However some of the issues are still not resolved which will cause a detail discussion on developing of the plans in relation to poverty (Moser, 2005). To develop my contentions, I will talk about different countries that how MDG take initiatives in reducing the poverty. In the end this thesis concludes with different perceptions on the suggestions for improvement arranging in the light of the MDG experience. .
             In the year of 2000, eight goals of developments were established which are known as the Millennium Development Goals. All these goals were the supporters/followers of UN's Millennium Summit programs (Modi et al., 2005). All members of UN i.e. 193 members and around 23 international organizations have shown commitment in order to achieve these MDGs by this year i.e. 2015. The primary target of MDGs is to motivate and encourage the advancement in the poorest nations of the world by enhancing their social and economical conditions (Satterthwaite, 2003). Millennium declaration of UN has derived these eight goals and this millennium declaration incorporates that everybody must have the freedom, equality and dignity rights. Also this incorporates that each individual must have a basic way of life which will make a person free of violence and hunger.
             These MDGs are made to work on these ideas to reduce the poverty in a timeline of fifteen years. Eight goals are listed below;.
             - To eradicate hunger and poverty,.
             - To achieve primary education,.
             - To empower women and promote gender equality,.
             - To decrease the rates of child mortality,.

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