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The Benefits of Music Education

             It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything Without music, life would be an error" (Plato). There are certain undeniable values in life that can only be experienced through music. Music education was once highly regarded in the school system, but policy makers are now turning away from it, believing that arts programs need to be cut in order to get back to the basics of reading and arithmetic. This will only hurt students by denying them the incredible benefits of a well-rounded education. While many think the music program is dispensable, it should be given more importance in the school system because of its potential to increase intellect, establish self-discipline, improve social bonds and develop self-confidence in students.
             Learning music as a child has been shown to aid and speed up brain development (Yoon 5). The brain is divided into two different hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is responsible for the logical math and science aspect while the right brain is geared toward creativity and imagination. Because of this, core subjects alone are not enough to give students a well-rounded education. Since musical learning is so diverse, it is beneficial to the proper development and integration of the two hemispheres of the brain (Yoon 8). Having a background in music also prepares the brain for learning by increasing communication skills and attentiveness (Arts Education). Michael Waddell, music professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, says, "Some people express themselves through music in ways they are not able to in words". Music provides a medium for students to learn how to better communicate their feelings to others. This is especially beneficial for students who may have behavioral problems, as music can provide them with an emotional outlet.
             Music education has been linked to the achievement of higher standardized test scores by students (Arts Education).

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