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Music Education Vs. No Music Education

            Eric Anderson once said about teaching music that "It is only by introducing the young to .
             great literature, drama and music, and to the excitement of great science that we open to them the .
             possibilities that lie within the human spirit? enable them to see visions and dream dreams." This .
             quote relates perfectly with how music teachers feel about teaching the future musicians and .
             teachers themselves. This quote also deals with how it is the teacher's responsibility to open the .
             minds of the students, and allow them to dream. While many of the schools now are being denied .
             this opportunity to teach music, they cannot help but know that music has had such a great .
             impact on so many people, not only in the twentieth century, but throughout the ages of .
             America's history. In this paper I am going to explain why so many schools, ranging from .
             Elementary to even High School are trying to cut music education out of their curriculum, and .
             why some schools advocate keeping music education in the schools.
             In the first two articles that I am going to be discussing will be on the topics of, "The .
             Development of students" by Tony Mickela and "The Elementary pull-out crises" by Robert .
             Gillespie. These two articles are very similar is many ways, they both discuss the impact of music .
             on students. In the first article, Music educators feel, and have observed that student involvement .
             in school music has a positive impact on other areas of their lives. These educators will also tell .
             you that "Music has something for everybody or everybody needs music." This article also talks .
             about how many of the High Schools have shown that the students that are involved in the music .
             classes have a higher grade point average than those students that are not involved in music .
             education classes. The students who are also involved in music classes have higher SAT scores. .
             The article also states that when a person or student is a participant in music helps to improve the .

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