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            Social and cultural society has been warped and changed; each decade creates its own personality forever leaving its mark in history. The 1960's created a lot of drama and excitement which, in turn, left a big impression on people of that time and is still affecting social and cultural society today. There were several events in the 1960's that caused a change in American social and culture society. The 1960's affected people's attitudes, music, fashion, and education and these changes would pave the way for positive effects in decades to come. .
             The 1960's affected politics and the economy but above all society and social culture. Music more or less created the hippie culture. Hippies were "a young person who rejects the mores of established society" (Puz). Many of the musicians of the time left lasting impressions on many college aged kids. The Beatles took America by storm in 1964 with appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. People's attitudes were also rapidly changing. Huge events such as civil rights and The Vietnam War affected people dramatically. College campuses widely became known as "centers of debate" as college students began their protesting of the war and the draft. Additionally, blacks began to push for their rights and for desegregation in public school. As events unraveled and people changed, the society of the sixties brought a new social culture to America.
             The sixties brought many new aspects to music. Technology slowly began to enhance and change the way we listen to music and many artists of the time would not only change music but influence American culture. Early in the decade, only a small majority of the people had stereo equipment and all of the records were still the shiny vinyl discs that had been used for the last 30 plus years (Grant 34). However, toward at the end of the sixties, cassettes began to grow in popularity and the average American could afford stereo equipment.

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