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1960's and the Civil Rights Movement

            The 1960's was a decade that changed the world. This decade was filled with countless important events that are still impacting us. The 60's saw everything from the election and assignation of the nation's first Catholic president, a divisive war with Vietnam, the space race which led to American astronauts landing on the moon, the Arms Race with Russia, the Civil Rights Movement, the assignation of Martin Luther King, Jr., and on and on. .
             The 60's were very volatile and unstable. I'm sure living in the 60's was exciting in way, but it also must have been depressing due to the long series of bleak events that occurred during that ten year period. That bleakness, the tragedies and upheavals are now iconic parts of American culture. Among the emotionally explosive events of this decade is the Civil Rights Movement. It was an ongoing, coast to coast effort demanding freedom and equality for African Americans who had been denied many basic American rights. Schools, restaurants, social events and even water fountains were segregated - whites and blacks shared very little. It was almost impossible to convict a white person of a crime against a black person but countless times innocent black people were found guilty for crimes against whites. It was a backwards time for our nation hat led to riots, bombings, kidnappings and sadly murder of those fighting for the most basic of rights. It was a long decade for all those involved but despite the pains it was a very successful decade in the sense that the goals were accomplished. By the end of the decade African Americans were given the full rights as all other Americans and thus began the adjustment to the changes the Civil Rights Movement brought. Through slow and rough at times with still some underlying issues still present today, improvements have been made, to the point that we now have our first African American President. .
             The Civil Rights Movement got off to a swift start in 1960.

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