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Civil Rights Movement

            The Fight of the Civil Rights Movement.
             During the period of the Civil Rights Movement, which took place from 1954 to 1965, there was a form of non-violent black protest that arose with empowering force. It was a time where blacks were going to stand up for themselves with determination, and were going to fight to enforce desegregation. There would be no form of physical retaliation, no matter how badly insulted or attacked. This paper is going to analyze the organizations, protests, and political leaders in the Civil Rights Movement as well as mark the significant changes from a non-violent to a militant black power movement in a white supremacist country.
             There were many factors that helped shape the modern movement for Civil Rights in American society. One of these key factors that helped shape civil rights was post World War II and the Cold War. Since the United States failed to protect its "citizens," African Americans would reach out to the world for help. The United States was put in a rough situation after World War II because of the growing international concern for human and civil rights. The Soviets pointed to the "U.S. Policy" of discriminating against minorities. As the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union heated up, every incident of mistreatment to minorities was used as a chance to embarrass the United States with propaganda. They used the propaganda to influence the many developing, newly independent nations. Many of the newly independent nations were of other descent then white. In fear of communism taking over, the United States took away the privilege from prominent African Americans of traveling over seas to other countries, so the stories heard around the world would not be confirmed. The United States would also use McCarthyism as a tool to break up and to deport active leaders such as W.E.B. Du Bois and organizations like the Southern Conference for Human Welfare (SCHW).

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