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Changing Culture of 1960's America

            The 1960's are reminiscent of tie-dye, protests, and rapid change. At the peak of the Cold War, the war in Vietnam was a catalyst to the strong emergence of counterculture. Those who joined the non-conformist movement often held liberal ideas and unique appearances. Also, the Civil Rights movement had finally gained momentum with the passage of many laws that integrated blacks into white society. In summary, the Vietnam War led to a new type of counterculture that sparked American youths' interest in politics and social justice while the Civil Rights movement was becoming successful in tearing down white supremacy; both being turning points in American society. .
             The war in Vietnam began because America was taking a stand in the fight against communism. Viet Cong were North Vietnamese who were in favor of communism while the South Vietnamese were democrats supported by America. The Vietnam War was extensively bloody, controversial, and monumental in the introduction of new technology and warfare. Many thought it was a "morally ambiguous conflict from the start, ostensibly a war against communism yet also a war to suppress nationalist self-determination." This war was also the first to be televised. Even though Americans at home could see the war from a new perspective, they were poorly informed due to the biased media that reported not only events, but their opposition towards the war. Also, the military kept body counts but didn't differ whether they were Viet Cong or South Vietnamese. Therefore, much of the public was turned against the war; some Americans fled to avoid the draft while others protested for peace. This led to the development of counterculture which inspired American youths' participation in politics, defiance, and a new form self-expression.
             Since the start of the Vietnam War, a new form of counterculture had been brewing. Although the concept had existed since daring girls hiked up their skirts, the 1960's counterculture involved the American public taking a stand against pre-existing morals and beliefs, proudly defying such social constructs.

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