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            The 1960's brought along numerous changes. The original focus of the civil rights movement was school integration, but there were also other issues that needed a voice. The School in the United States, discusses some of these issues, such as, "The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965", "Title IX", and "The Public Law 94-142, Education for all Handicapped Children Act, 1975.".
             President Lyndon B. Johnson was the most successful in lobbying for a federal role in improving the nation's schools. Johnson was a strong believer in the idea that education was the key to improved economic opportunities. "Poverty has many roots, but the tap root is ignorance" (Johnson, 295). Johnson was advocating a national effort to improve the educational experience of every citizen. No president had ever attempted this before him. Only three months after his initial legislation was seen in the federal courts, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was passed. .
             Another important change which brought along good for the educational system, was Title IX, the Educational Amendment of 1972. Title IX stated that no person in the US on the basis of sex would be excluded from participation under any educational program or activity receiving federal assistance. .
             The last group laboring for an extremely important cause, were the people fighting for people with handicaps in 1975. Schools were not offering equal treatment to all students regardless of handicap, and the Public Law 94-142 stopped this discrimination.
             If I was living in the 1960's, I would have been a major supporter of Johnson's educational viewpoint. His personal opinions about the educational system of the time and his passion for teaching is what really brought along change. Before running for President, he himself, was a teacher. He knew from experience in the classroom, what needed to be changed. He knew that a teacher didn't have the power to make the changes he wanted to see.

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