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Britains Immigration Policies - 1960s-1980s

            Our research set out to improve our understanding of the immigration from 1960s up to 1980s and by exploring the rhythms and realities of everyday life both of immigrants and natives people. This research is based on the immigration policy in Britain, which structured the lives of immigrants. We aimed to investigate the strategies people deployed in the time of far-researching changes, to meet their perceived priorities and needs. The first category includes such details as the economic, political and social condition in the countries of emigration. Understanding why immigrants leave their homes in the first place helps us to understand their motivation and prior experiences. It can also explain whether immigrants from particular countries are likely to continue settling in Britain or whether their residence is more transitory. .
             Our topic put immigrants at the center stage by raising the causes such as the early immigration, condition of exit, and the consequences such as economic, socio-politic and how the country looked for to resolve the issue of entrants and receiving context and the cohesion between black and white people in Britain. This topic is particular for me because my aim is to find the real causes and consequences of immigration in Britain, to know why people migrate, what they expect once they arrive in the country of immigration maybe escape for persecution or to look for better life. Of course we are not able to explore these all issues for every immigrants and immigrant community in Britain. In fleshing out our frameworks, we have had to be selective, but the primary aim of paper is to provide new conceptual tools for thinking about immigration to Britain. .
             We hope that future research will focus more specifically one or more of these issues and explore different historical for first invaders to provide an event fuller understanding of immigration to Britain in 1960s.

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