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Canada's Immigration Policies

            Each year, Canada imports almost 250,000 immigrants each year that essentially come from economic and family class (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2009). Immigrants that come to Canada are from a mixed variety of cultures. Importing these different cultures brings many different characteristics to not only their life but to our very own country. Not all counties work or run on the same systems as Canada, so bringing in these different cultures takes a big toll on each individual because its almost like starting a new life. For Canada, we need to have support systems in place to assist these family class immigrants in starting their new life. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the barriers new immigrants are faced with and how our support systems are important to these families from their transition of their homeland to a new country. This paper will also provide an overview of how Canada's immigration policy has developed over time and how they go about in today's day and age.
             Change is a major transformation; especially immigrating from a country you were once familiar with, to a country you have never been to before. This causes many immigrants to face daily challenges that they eventually overcome with the help of our support systems. Dating back to the 1800's, the French and British settlement was the marking point where immigrants began to migrate to Canada. In 1885, Chinese immigrants were brought to Canada to build a national railway and after its completion; the Canadian government prohibited the families of these workers from immigrating to Canada by passing the Chinese Immigration Act (Abu-Laban & Gabriel, 2003, p.294). .
             Throughout the years of 1910 and 1914, much was going on in Canada, from its immigration rate drastically increasing to the creation of the War Measures Act which according to Abu-Laban and Gabriel (2003), allowed the Governor General to authorize acts or regulation "he may deem necessary or advisable for the security, defense, order and welfare of Canada " (p.

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