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Finding Economic Freedom

            Economic freedom is the freedom to save, spend, invest and work in a free economy. In this essay, I will be talking about a new and an import economic factor and prove how this factor is important for our Canadian economy. And this factor is Immigration intake and the freedom to emigrate from a country to another. Canada is a nation of immigrants. In the year 2006 statistics, Canada estimated that more than 20% of all Canadian were born abroad. In 2011, the immigrant population comprised 20.6% of Canada's population, so one in five people were immigrants. Studies in both the United States and Canada have shown that job creation increases and the economy improve as the number of immigrants grow. More immigrants will increase the human resources of Canada, which means more jobs, more labor, and more human capital. By increasing jobs and labor Canada's production of goods and services will increase as well and causes economic growth. Also the boost in human capital will provide Canada with more developments, knowledge and new technology to improve the production in the country. Since human capital is one of the most important factors of production the economy will get stronger by producing more goods and services causing Canada`s GPD to increase. Of course when new comers arrive to Canada, there will be some costs associated with getting them settled and used to the system. New immigrants will need to start searching for jobs, may need to learn English or French or may need to take their children to schools, these type of services are costs usually paid by the government. The Canadian government spends over $883 million per year to support immigrants and help them start following the Canadian system. Once immigrants get used to the system they become consumers of Canadian public services and start pay taxes. Immigrants then will contribute to the Canadian public services through their taxes, so they will not need the government funds anymore after the first push they get.

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