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The Relationship of Socialism and Fascism

            The systems of fascism and Marxist socialism derive in part, or more correctly, in response to, liberalism. Fascism rejects the liberal doctrines of individual rights, political equality, and representative government, yet it advocates broad popular participation in politics and may use established representative systems in order to facilitate its ascension to relevance or power. Marxism, on the other hand, was developed as a direct response to libertarian doctrine. Taking its cue from capitalism, Marxism relies on the lower-class disillusionment to enact a leveling of economic forces versus the bourgeois. Yet Marxism still advocates the inherent humanism of libertarian ideals, championing egalitarianism and individual rights.
             Fascism is not concerned with the past, nor with political establishments currently in place. The fascist seeks to eradicate tradition and pursue the advancement of the State at any cost. In this effort, the concept of Pacifism is alien. The fascist believes that humanity is defined by its performance and courage in war, finding the ultimate decision, life or death, to be the truest test of men available, all other trials never quite achieving this level.
             In relation to Marxist socialism, fascism is a direct opposite. Fascism is a belief that the forces of humanity are strongest in spirit and heroism. Marxism believes that all efforts of humanity can be summed up into simple economics, the class war defining the changes of society. Fascists reject this outright as trivializing the human experience, that assigning all motive to economic forces is incorrect and that an economic view of history is to be denied. Marxists see all of history as the interaction of economic class for domination of paradigm. Finally, fascists accept the inherent spirituality or "holiness" of man as a virtue and ideal. Marxists see religion as nothing more than a distraction from reality and as something to be removed in order to maintain focus on the enactment of the class struggle.

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