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Immigration Policies

            Open Immigration Policies: Good or Bad?.
             There is an ongoing debate in today's world about whether or not immigration is helpful or detrimental to a country. Some say that the door on immigration should be closed, some say it should be wide open, and others take a stand in the middle of both extremes. I believe that the United States of America should take a stand somewhere in the middle by not opening the door to everyone, but letting more in than the toenail that is in the door today. .
             Immigrants to not hurt our economy because only the most determined are able to withstand the hardships that come with getting into the United States. "Roger Conner, the executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), told a congressional committee in 1981 that the 808,000 legal immigrants and refugees admitted the previous year represented one five-thousandth of the population of the world. "Out of 5,000 impoverished people, we took one, taking the brightest, most able, most energetic, the best organized," he said. "We are taking the cream of each social class by the standards of their society."We are taking the most energetic and talented."" We only let in those that are the most ambitious in these impoverished countries. This in turn is very helpful to the U.S. economy. These people fill jobs that would otherwise not be filled.
             Another good aspect of letting more immigrants into the country is that they do the work that Americans are not willing to do. To see this you need not look farther than the agricultural industry in California, Florida, and Texas. "Growers say they have no alternative: they need Mexicans (or, in Florida, Haitians) to work the fields, because no one else would stick with the job. Americans can get food stamps and live like kings on welfare, I was told by orange growers in the Rio Grande Valley; but the Mexicans are grateful for the work.

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