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            The Japanese are very well known for some of the certain aesthetics that they have. The Japanese in enjoy a certain number of musical styles of their own as well as Western styles of music. The Japanese also have something called the music of Shinto, which is played at religious ceremonies, as well as Shinto Folk Festivals. The music is played to praise the gods as well as entertain them. During the late 1860's Japanese started to accept western influence over their music and has become very popular in Japan. Much of the popular classical music that is being played is from Western influence. Graphic art is extremely popular in Japan dating back to the 7th and 8th century when Buddhism was the first connection to complex art in Japan. The arts changed after each change in government or each loss in war. Colors also play a major influence in Japanese Culture. For Example, the color yellow was used as a pledge of courage. The color white means to mourn. The Japanese have many artists, which have helped structure art to the way it is today. The Japanese are also legendary for their performing arts which is extremely popular in Japan. One of the most successful performing arts in Japan is known as "No Drama". These plays include solemn dances intended to suggest the deepest emotions of the principal character and were written in poetic language of Japanese classics. Another popular type of performing arts is known as the puppet theater which was at its peak in the 18th century. The architecture is very famous and also extremely different then Western Style of architecture. The architecture is designed to achieve a satisfying relationship with earth, water, rocks, and trees than with establishing a social order. .
             When it comes to values and attitudes the Japanese are known for a high degree of honor and respect. Some key values that the Japanese have are an importance to education as well as work.

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