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            In life, it is said that you grow smarter every time you make a mistake. You usually learn your lesson and you never do it again. Well one person, actually a country that learned the biggest lessons would have to be Japan. During World War II and even before it, Japan made some of the biggest mistakes of any country's history by attacking some of the most powerful countries in the world. After the complete massacres they received in return, Japan most definitely learned their lesson by losing almost all of their respect in a matter of years. (www.fsmitha.com/index.html).
             In the year 1937, Japan made its first tragic mistake by electing a new leader and government. Before they signed Prince Fumimaro Konoe, Japan was working to sign a peace treaty with their neighboring rivals, China. But on July 8, Japanese were throwing a party eight miles west of Peiping, China. Soon, Chinese troops started firing bullets and a huge war erupted between the two forces. For years afterwards, the two fought and Japan, after rebuilding the economy, was doomed when World War II came around.
             There wasn't much the Japanese could do, but after their attack on Pearl Harbor, they were probably the biggest target during World War II. Right after the Japanese were finished with their bombing, the Americans hatched a plan to get back at them. They sent aircrafts into Japan and bombed Tokyo as much as they could. Even though the American's attack wasn't as powerful as the Japanese, they knew that it hurt them just as much Pearl Harbor hurt the Americans. And in just a few years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II was finished, and the Japanese were obliterated. (www.pearlharborattacked.com).
             The Japanese were one of the wealthiest and most respected countries by 1940, but once they attacked China and got into World War II with America, they lost everything. The Japanese entered the war with nothing, and they finished it with even less.

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