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Reasons for Japan

            Yes, I would lead Japan to war, not for zaibatsus who only cared for their own profit interest or for the boosting of the ego of the army but for Japan's strategic needs.
             Firstly, I agree to Fukuzawa Yukichi that it is important to strengthen Japan now before the Westerners invade her just like they how invaded China. I support his view of having a strong Japan for he is the man who introduced western culture to Japan, indicating that he has a deep understanding in the western culture. Therefore, he definitely has the ability to estimate the westerners' strength militarily as well as economically. Hence, it is important to heed to his advice. Furthermore, it is true that the westerners' weaponry and technology are more superior to ours. Their invention "steam train has proved to be one of the most important human inventions towards industrialization, suggesting their edge-cutting technology.
             Moreover, the Triple Intervention in 1885 forcing Japan to give up Liaotung Peninsula has witnessed Japan's vulnerability towards the Western powers. It proved that Japan has no position go against the western countries as she has yet attained the same position as the westerners politically as well as militarily. .
             Rapid industrialization and education are needed immediately for westerners' would invade Japan in no time if we do not quicken our footsteps. Raw materials and market are thus needed to be obtained from our Asia brothers in order to strengthen Japan. It is only then that we can compete with the westerners militarily and economically, allowing us to secure our own land, and it is only the war that can do the job.
             Secondly, I support view Ito Hirobumi of bringing the art of western culture and science to our Asian brothers. It is because the Asian countries are so weak militarily that they cannot even hold a candle with western countries' military force. For example, China was forced to give up many of her lands because the western military force was simply too strong for them.

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