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             Upon focusing on Japan and it's foreign policy objectives, one must take into account the world and the image that Japan is trying to project upon it, for both it's self and the Japanese people. Japan is trying to adapt after the Cold War and the aftermath of two World Wars. This means having broader foreign policy objectives. In its" foreign policy the state is trying during the 21st century to enter the world and present a bigger, better, and stronger Japan. The state plans on doing so by becoming a global player and through the vision that they present to the world. Basically, Japan is reinventing the state.
             In the opening of his book on Japan's foreign policy Michael Green speaks to the difficulty of ascertaining the states objectives, or even if they have any at all. "Japanese foreign policy? Let me know if you find any!!" (Green, 1) It is stated that this is a skeptical view, but postwar Japan was reluctant to immerse itself in foreign affairs. .
             Regionally, Japan has emerged as the main power in Asia. This has much to do with the states economic strength, and how it has become a technological giant. Most other Asia states do not have as developed of a system, both economically and politically, as Japan. Japan's trade abroad with its" main ally, the United States, for many years has been how the state integrates itself with other states.
             In recent years, Japan has had to go beyond its" usual economic strength to seek integration into the world. The state is in a decade long recession, and it is to the benefit of the state that it become more of a global player. The state is pursuing broader interest that have little to do with the economy, and more to do with the state becoming globally engaged and increasing its" social capital. The recession has actually affected Japan in a positive way by forcing Japan to look into other markets where it can receive connectedness other than foreign trade.

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