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Music Education - A Life Without Music?

            Can you imagine a life without music? Can you believe there are some school districts that want to get rid of music programs? Schools want to eliminate music classes from the curriculum because they think it's a waste of money. Music is what keeps our kids interactive, and distracted from bad influences. Many school districts are not aware of the positive impact music has in our children. It is not right to take away a students' desire to learn to sing or play an instrument. Music classes should be an option to every student in all schools. To many students, music is an escape from not only issues occurred in school but also problem-solving at home. If we continue having music courses and improving these classes, we will reduce major stress in students and can also prevent students from having any emotional issue such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.
             Throughout the years, music has become part of people's life. People use music because they can express emotions, have creativity, improves socialization skills, and helps memorization. Music has been known for helping people mentally, many people depend on music to sooth their problems. Not only is music good for adults, music is great for kids also. Children can benefit from music because listening to music and playing instruments helps kids learn faster and more efficiently. It is known that music has a great impact in schools. Kids who listen to music while doing homework are more likely to retain more information, and also kids who play instruments expand their brain capabilities and get higher scores in exams. This is why we need to continue having music classes in every school.
             Research has proven that students in music classes perform better in their general studies like Math, English, Science and Social Studies. A research was performed by the Americans for the Arts, to test the difference in SAT scores between music students and non-music students.

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