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The Musical Delusion: Compulsion of Sheet Music

            Considering the rapid and significant technological advancements made in the present generation, an argument can be made about the question of importance of extensive musical education and its requirement to establish oneself as a successful musician. There are plenty of professional musicians and band members out there who have successfully advanced in their career without pursuing in musical education extensively. .
             A periodical by Alexander Reid, Music Reading Is Essential to Successful Music Making, published in the Clavier Companion argues how music reading is one of the most essential pieces in fabricating a song or a melody. The author establishes how teaching music notation is the primary goal for every music teacher for his or her amateur students. He talks about how the Grand Staff can aid in basic music concepts such as pulse duration, finger numbers and hand coordination. However, I strongly disagree with this opinion and personally believe that music notation is just a tool and not an essential factor in composing or arranging sweet melodies and thoughtful lyrics essentially in the process of songwriting. .
             In earlier centuries, musicians in their learning stage found it somewhat a necessity to indulge themselves in the depth of education of music, spending years after years to reach the peak of perfection. On the contrary, there have been several professionals who managed to achieve success in the field of music by simply exploring their talents through practice, vocal training, self-assessment and experimental music-making. All they really needed to do was boost up their confidence by picking up a musical instrument and experimenting with the different musical notes it produces. In the modern generation, several musicians have accomplished their goals by following the same methodology. Additionally, the wonders of technology have provided access to an individual for excluding himself/herself from the pain of going through hundreds of steps and processes to be able to create a simple piece of harmony.

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