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             There are so many categories of music that one can be confused by just looking at the list. In the world full of music instrumental music has its place, which cannot be occupied by any other type of music. Although it is great for some people, it might be unpleasant for others, but still, it has lived longer than any other type of music, therefore it has its own greatness.
             Instrumental music has no lyrics or anything related with words. It's just a combination of sounds that come from a man made instrument consisting of wood and wire. It has no style of clothing, it doesn't tell the listener to do certain things and it doesn't show the control of one thing over another. It doesn't have a strong influence on the listener. That's what other types of music lack. For example, when one watches videos of rap music, he mostly sees low rider cars, gamblers, singers" personal history reflected in the video and their lifestyle. The same with rock n roll videos. There one could expect to see screaming crowds of teenagers, wearing the same clothes as the singers, having their names of the singers tattooed on them, having lots of piercings and mostly there is violence involved there. Their fans are influenced by them just like a drug addict. In other words the audience for that kind of music is bound to it. That's what is different in instrumental music. The listener is free of all those things that other types of music offer, referring to very common things, such as dressing, behaving, and even choosing the type of the car they drive. There are no cute and sexy singers in the art of instrumental music that the listeners would want to be like or hang their pictures in their bedrooms. In other words the player doesn't try to create a perfect image of him or her so others would become their fan. The star in this type of music is the instrument itself. The audience seems to be drawn more by the instrument than the player himself.

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