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The Significance of Music

            "Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory.
             Music is the only art form which can be felt. We can't touch music, but music touches us. It is an expression of certain aesthetic ideas through rhythm, tune and language. Music is that bridge which connects our soul-that inner self in us which is hidden from the society and even our conscious selves, to the outside world, or more specifically, to other people's souls. We have National Anthems for every Nation, religious hymns and even songs that we choose as a group anthem or as a couple song-to mark our years of togetherness as friends or as couples. When we sing our National Anthem, on a day of National importance, all the citizens of our nation feel connected together through our hearts and souls- and it is that music called our National Anthem that brings this feeling of togetherness within us. Our religious hymns make us feel united to God. Our group songs make our friendship special to us-it connects our souls and make us feel one, thus enhancing the feeling of togetherness and binding us closer together. The same is the case with our couple songs. When we listen to chartbuster songs, it makes us feel that there are others in the world who feels the song in the same way in which we feel.
             Music, this five-lettered word has had an important and an irresistible impact upon the world since times immemorial. Over the years, music has been improved and diversified. Eminent musicians across the world in ancient times have not only entertained the rulers of their times, but have also invented new musical instruments and also improvised those present then. Tansen- one of the 'Navratnas' or The Nine Gems of one of the greatest rulers of Medieval India- King Akbar of the Mughal Dynasty, was one of the most acclaimed musicians of medieval India. We also have Beethoven, the legendary music composer and pianist. The sitar and table were a result of fusion of Hindustani and Arabic music.

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