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Bobby Braddock and the Music Industry

            Sometimes it takes failure to really motivate you to make a step in the right direction. Bobby Braddock had come up with a very interesting idea for a country rap song and pitched it to some producers. They denied the request to work on the song because they felt it was too much of a risk (Crossan 1). He then decided to switch artists and pursue new interest in a new artist Toby Keith. Keith had just recently released a big hit single that had the same brash lyrics. They both were taking on something that was going to make a lot of people angry, but also innovate participation of hip-hop in a culture that it had been introduced to yet. .
             When someone hears a song outside of its comfort zone, all they can think about is how different the piece of work that they are listening two is. There are two things that can happen. A person can choose to believe that the work is an example of appropriation. This is when one culture steals things from another with absolutely no respect behind it. However, a majority could also choose to believe that the work is an example of participation. Participation is when a culture uses another culture's ideas for themselves, but appreciates where it's coming from and isn't attempting to claim that work as their own. I definitely believe the song "I Wanna Talk About Me, " by Toby Keith, is a great example of white participation in hip-hop. .
             The song itself takes a country rap approach that is so different from all of other country music, but the lyrics are conveyed so well behind the speed and tempo of hip-hop music. I truly think that if the song had been sung any other way it would compromise its meaning. It's about a selfish husband who really believes he deserves attention when he wants it. Any smart male would understand that no matter how much attention the wife was getting it is certainly not all the attention needed. In Jeff Chang's article, "It's a Hip Hop World, " he states that hip-hop is a way of life that can be influenced by many different cultures around the world.

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