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Girl Power in the Music Industry

            "Rock and roll can save the world," some music junkie might say, most likely of the male species. Dating back to the wonder eras of the 1950's through the 1970's, rock and roll was predominantly written and performed by male musicians, ultimately creating a void of female artistry. Even in the subgenre of punk rock, women were often treated as a novelty by the music press and cultural critics – gifting bands such as the Sex Pistols and the Clash with rock notoriety, while their female counterparts, such as the Runaways and Bikini Kill, sunk into obscurity. It is completely obvious that women have been absent and unappreciated throughout music history, so what exactly has rock and roll saved? Certainly not the concept of gender equality within the music industry. Now in the advanced world of 2015, equality has become the hottest topic, but because the music industry is historically, and in some circumstances currently, dominated by men, female musicians are consequentially being misrepresented in a distasteful manner. The future generation's attitudes towards equality might be changing, but unfortunately for female artists, their gender has caused them to be constantly hyper-sexualized, objectified, and subjects of various stigmas and prejudices.
             In just a couple of generations, it does appear as if the gender balance between male and female musicians has shifted dramatically, and because society is essentially living in the future, some will disagree with the idea of a male-dominated music industry. Instead, a handful of music critics, musicians, and music fans will suggest that the entire music community is leaning towards a more equitable atmosphere for men and women to display their talents. Undoubtedly, gender differences within the music industry have evolved from only a select few of well-known female musicians, to a numerous amount of female leads conquering stages at various festivals and award shows.

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