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Music in America - Motown

             Motown is a word that means more than just historical music. It is a word used to describe the music that was generated in historic periods and still has a significant impact in the music industry. It is a label whose legacy remarkably reflects the hard work and dedication of individuals who managed to overcome obstacles within the music industry to achieve success. Such a legacy is emulated by current musicians who follow similar styles and recordings to release their songs and remain competitive in the market. Just like the irresistible power of cultural and social change, the founder of Motown music, Berry Gordy, created a significant mark both in the industry of music and the whole society. He developed a sound that remains important and promotes various success and accomplishments among musicians in the current century. There has not been any recording company that has managed to leave such enormous influence in the substance and style of music culture (McCusker, 2010). The founder managed to create more that one hundred and eight songs whose hits became number one, and the influence is still felt by musicians, from hip-hop to pop. They recently celebrated an anniversary of fifty years since the company was founded. .
             Berry Gordy founded his recording company, Motown Records Corporation, with a loan that he acquired from his family that was worth eight hundred dollars. The loan helped him develop a facility and equip it with the necessary materials and equipment for recording. Driven by his talent, vision, and determination, he was an entrepreneur, teacher, and producer and the success of his recording company is a tribute to the talents he nurtured from others and all entities he embodied. He managed t assist upcoming musicians to record their works and release them into the market. Through his leadership, Berry managed to forge new grounds for minority individuals who could not afford the funds required to nurture their music talents and careers.

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